Application Management


Monitoring Services

Our Application Management service delivers application maintenance, support, and enhancement for custom and commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) applications. It provides application management tools, industry standard process and blends multilingual staffing resources with standardized, automated services that improve the availability, productivity and user experience.

Our expert resources transform application management solutions using ITIL-aligned processes, automation toolsets and flexible delivery options.

Aplication Menagement

Application Management as a Service provides application support by:

  • - Proactively monitoring and resolving issues before they impact productivity and availability
  • - Enhancing functionality and performance levels with a comprehensive knowledge base
  • - Improving application performance during peak demand periods
  • - Increasing user satisfaction and efficiency with documented, more reliable applications
  • - Minimizing performance and continuity risks using a an IT talent pool with comprehensive skills

Our Enterprise Application Management as a Service strengthens business agility by:

  • - Aligning change management requests against business priorities
  • - Implementing industry best practices to improve application management efficiencies and performance
  • - Complying with changing regulatory requirements quickly and easily
  • - Scaling services and service levels as needed
  • - Freeing resources to focus on business-critical initiatives






7/24 Service Desk

Cost-effective, multilingual, ITIL driven IT service desk able to manage your end user computing needs and coordinate on-site resources


Multilingual BPO and customer care center can manage Customer contact, Product pre/post sale support, execute diverse end-to-end processes or run batches of backoffice tasks.

7/24 remote application operations and infrastructure monitoring services. We design, build and operate your monitoring infrastructure.