Company history

Founded by industry veterans in the fields of IT System Integration and Infrastructure Services, EuroDesk was born in 2011 with the idea to help the market overcome the inherent limitations of the Offshoring paradigm when applied to European businesses, seeking reliable and more affordable outsourcing partners. Such limitations had been particularly evident in the case of service Offshoring initiatives to far countries, where in addition to the challenges of IT services Outsourcing, Clients had been faced with distance related issues such as wide cultural gaps, burdening timezone differences, poor communication lines quality.

In many cases, the promise of economic benefits of the offshored model have been completely offset by the steep increase of management overhead cost and service quality degradation. To provide a tangible answer to such business issues, Serbia was identified as candidate Country and EuroDesk was established in Belgrade with the specific mission to build an organization capable to match the promise of double digit savings on IT and non-IT outsourced services without sacrifying on quality or responsiveness.

After an initial phase of captive service delivery on behalf of an Italian angel investor, the company has been taken over by current management and started delivering services outside of the Italian market to the rest of Europe. EuroDesk today collaborates with some of top 10 Systems Integrators globally and proudly serves some of the Fortune 100 companies in Europe.

Service Portfolio

24/7 Service Desk

Cost-effective, multilingual, ITIL driven IT service desk able to manage your end user computing needs and coordinate on-site resources

Application Management
Agile based software development and testing services for client/server, mobile and SaaS applications.



Multilingual BPO and customer care center can manage Customer contact, Product pre/post sale support, execute diverse end-to-end processes or run batches of backoffice tasks.

24/7 remote application operations and infrastructure monitoring services. We design, build and operate your monitoring infrastructure.